June 17, 2024

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Inject a new life into your home: 10 refurbishing ideas to transform your home

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Are you thinking to kick off a refurbishing project and give your house a new and rejuvenating look? Well, renovating your home is always exciting. You can give your house a new look in no time. All you need are some super quick and easy home decor ideas to follow.

Ultimate Home Remodeling & Renovation Guide

It is always handy to determine the scope of the refurbishing endeavor you are about to take. Do you want to change the outlook of your house completely, or you just intend to cover up some scuffs? Do you want to renew old and boring furniture or just want to do some magic with walls and floors?

Once you have decided that, you can evoke the interior designer in you! Yes, you can do that. And to help you out, I have compiled some easy and pocket-friendly ways to inject a new life into your home.

1. Lay down a Rug

Since you are the interior designer, the starting point is “to spell your magic onto the floor.” When I say floor magic, I mean some classy rugs that elevate the overall look of your room like never before. It’s because rugs are great at pulling the room together.


You can cover a scuffed wood floor with a colorful rug or runner. If you have a narrow hallway, horizontal stripes look next to perfect. For larger areas, you can layer a few different rugs to give a patchwork effect.

Most people are ready to compromise on the beauty offered by rugs because they are difficult to clean. However, it is not a wise thing to do. A rug can be maintained easily by cleaning it twice or thrice a month.

2. Opt for Instant Storage

A set offreestanding shelves”is ideal for a bedroom, living room, or hallway. You can have a functional storage space without going into the hassle of hurting the walls and drill them endlessly. Moreover, it is easy to move and comes handy at the time of shifting room or house.


If you want to get some contemporary design, a ladder storage unit would be a great fit for your home without a doubt! However, you don’t need to overstuff the shelves. Keep your best hardcover books, family mementos, and ornaments, or pop a trailing plant pot on the top shelf.

3. Reupholster or Add Loose Covers

Now is the time to give your tired upholstery a new lease of life with a set of loose covers. Choose patterned or plain covers for your sofas and chairs. It could also be a soft geometric design in a spring pastel color to give an instant uplift.


Just make sure it goes with your overall theme of the room and does not look like an oddball, which kills the sense of connection between furniture and flooring.

4. Add Vinyl Wall Stickers

Who says that vinyl Stickers are only for kids’ rooms? These stickers can add non-permanent decoration to your walls. You can easily install them yourself, customize them according to your space withbold and subtle designs.


Choosing nature-inspired designs will inject life into an otherwise plain or dull living room.

5. Create an Indoor Plant Heaven (Ah! this one is my favorite)

The reason why I love this part is that having touches – ok, a lot – of green in your house will give you an escape from the hustling world. A place where you naturally feel light and peaceful.


Houseplants help you connect with nature, improve your mental health, and purify the atmosphere. A creatively designed indoor plant heaven is always a delightful and soothing sight. It instantly transforms any place into a relaxing spot.

6. Go for Colorful Block

You can bring color to your room by painting lines or blocks onto the wall. It changes the focal point of your room without getting into a major decorating project. Use a spirit level and masking tape for getting the lines perfectly straight and then color the woodwork.


You can contrast textures to inject new life into your living room. It will give your home an Instragrammable look.

Pro tip: for best ideas on wall art and interior design, Rhode Island Monthly magazine can be your friend. I found it quite helpful when I was in the process of renovating my house.

7. Hang a Piece of Art

Art is an investment. Period! Good art does wonder in any environment and transforms a space into something spectacular. Hang a single yet bold painting, a group of pictures, or family photographs and see the magic.

Art doesn’t have to be expensive all the time. You can look for up-and-coming artists at local exhibitions, or you can check out online art galleries that showcase contemporary, and limited editions of artwork.

8. Invest in Lighting

A lot of people don’t understand that lighting is an integral element of every room. It can amp up the whole aesthetic, feel, and mood, changing it from cold and unwelcoming to warm and cozy.


Try ditching your traditional lights and spark up the dark corners of your house with a colorful table or floor lamps. 

9. Buy Fresh Flowers

Beautiful and bright, fresh flowers are an instant source of joy. Placing some fresh flowers on the console table of your hallway, on the dining table, or even on the kitchen counter will give a finishing touch to your interior designs. Not only this, but it will also help you create a calm and welcoming atmosphere.

10. Change your Table cover

Do some tweak of colors and throw a bright patterned table cover over a plain dining table. If you want a more family-friendly solution, go for an anti-stains tablecloth.

Also, the table runner, which is a piece of cloth that runs along the length of a table, is still used to add aesthetics to a living room.


It has become a decorating staple in the past five years, as noted by Lakeland’s trend report. Being cheaper and less bulky than table cover, it allows you to add a splash of color or texture to a table setting without much fuss.

Final Words

The key to redecorating your space is to set a goal for yourself, and paint a complete picture of what you want and then renovate each part of your house. I hope my ideas here can be of help to you.

I can’t wait to know how you are planning to give your house a new look, let me know in the comments below.

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