April 12, 2024

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After all, what is LinkedIn Sales Navigator? Understand here!

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The LinkedIn is a social network where you can connect to businesses, co-workers and other professionals from various fields, you can access professional content and still find places available in the market. But in addition, this social network does another job well:  prospecting customers  and business partners.

There is a tool on LinkedIn , called  Sales Navigator , through which it is possible to search for new leads , using filters and segmentations.

These filters allow you to identify a specific contact based on the provision of some parameters, such as geolocation, the sector of the company for which you work and your position. So, within minutes, you have access to the profile of a potential customer .

Learn about some benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator in prospecting leads.

What are the advantages of LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

One of the advantages is the tool’s ability to make  personalized suggestions for your company . That way, you can prospect for smart sales, according to your preferences and history saved from potential customers.

Another advantage is the use of advanced filters. The  Lead Builder , or construidor leads, for example, is a Navigator Sales tool by which to filter contacts based on profile information . Are they:

  • company where the professional works;
  • office;
  • key words;
  • existence of mutual friends on LinkedIn ;
  • locality;
  • Postal Code;
  • parents;
  • distance in kilometers;
  • sector where you work;
  • job level;
  • company size (in number of employees);
  • branch / industry of activity.

The tool also has a rich menu, which provides a search bar, a  feed  with all potential customers, the saved and suggested companies, the message box and a list of potential customers with filters.

The  social selling , ie, use of social networks for the purpose of sales, have interesting contents. According to the  LinkedIn Sales Navigator website , professionals who use the social selling technique generate  45% more business opportunities, 51% more chances of reaching sales goals and 78% more productivity .

It works very well in field sales as well as inside sales .

How does Sales Navigator work?

To use the platform in the best way, you must first  define your persona . He is a strategically defined character, whose profile brings together the most common attributes of his group of potential clients. This is one of the first steps to establish communication with your target audience.

After identifying your persona’s age, gender, location, and other profile information, build lists with the help of LinkedIn Sales Navigator filters. And then, you can make the initial contact through InMail, connect with the prospectus, follow it or get in touch in some other way, such as phone or email. However, try not to be too intrusive.

How to sell more with LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Now that you know more about the tool and the possibility of integrating it into your digital marketing strategies  , use  lead scoring  and filters in excel or CRM to identify candidates for more qualified customers.

Then, forward these contacts to the sales team , increasing your chances of closing more profitable and more productive deals . And always ask for feedback on the quality of the leads so that they can be optimized.

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