April 10, 2024

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Few simple ways to manage hair breakage

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Most of us must have witnessed pulling the split ends, splits ends are one of the causes of the breakage. It is a fact that pulling the strands can lead to hair damage. Breakage is caused because the proteins are weakened this is because many of us use chemicals like the colors and highlighting products that have chemicals that lead to damage and breakage. Using straighteners or blow-drying also causes damage.

We many are distressed about the issues and the problems most of us face and many times we don’t take things seriously. This unnoticed damage leads to split ends when pulled by the comb the strands which then breaks which results in the loss eventually. What makes it worse is that many individuals get the habit of pulling the split ends with a comb which causes more damage to it leaving it unmanageable. Many of the health experts advise not to pull the strands.

This behavior will end paying a huge amount in the treatment process. As satisfying the colors look on the scalp and applying heat makes it look more beautiful, but it has a certain side effect which becomes a problem for many individuals especially for girls.

Many people are born with thick, while some have thin hair or brittle where people need to take care of heat and strength needs to be restored.People have tend to have anxiety issues due to pressure and losing the strands due to breakage depression issues are one of the factors of breakage, but there are few medicines which helps to get rid of the anxiety issues and are available online, the users can buy valium overnight delivery service and get it delivery as per their convenient time.

Here are few tips to keep your hair safe and unbreakable 

Conditioning your hair

Without any hair treatment many of us have dry brittle in order to keep it safe it needs extra conditioning, d3eep conditioning helps to make them stronger and gets it manageable and moisturized. Various companies have manufactured conditioning products that help to restore the nutrients in the scalp. Deep conditioning or scalp mask used once a week may help to get it manageable. A good mask keeps it safe and undamaged.

Styling products temperature should be low

Ladies do have a tendency to use styling products and most of them are curlers or straighteners when curlers or a few machines used on heating too much it leads to burning off hair, flat irons and curling irons are one of the major causes of breakage. When heated it brittles and when combed the stands start breaking result in damaging it permanently. Hence best advice is to keep the temperature low. 

A heat protectant to keep away the heat damage 

People are not aware of heat protectant and many of them use directly which result in the breakage, using a hair serum protects not only from damage but also gives proper conditioning and manageable in a few minutes. It is scientifically proven that many heat protectant serums help prevent damage.  

Use a Detangler to detangle your hair 

The damage loses the elasticity in hair which causes breakage because of strands that are weak in the scalp to prevent from stretching the strands while combing a detangler can be used to save from damage after using shampoo on. 

Use a soft fabric scrunchie

People who have long strands usually use plastic clips, bands, bob pins which are harsh and damage it while tying a knot, the best way to control the strands damage is to use a scrunchie to tie a knot, it prevents the hair to break. 

Treatments before coloring your hair 

First and foremost before coloring it we need to figure out which product is best for us depending on the chemicals found in color, we need to take safety measures. Few treatments need to be taken before and after usage of these chemicals, it will retain its colors as well as quality. The treatment repairs the strands and disulfides the bonds of the hair.

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase 

We usually use cotton pillowcases while sleeping which damage the, instead of using cotton pillowcases, try using silk pillowcases, it heats up the scalp and keeps the scalp warm and nourished which helps in preventing the damage which is caused by cotton pillowcases which are easily available for cheaper rate in the market, that is useful also to reduce hair breakage

Comb hair while conditioning 

While using a conditioner comb it as it helps to detangle it, conditioners are a very essential part to take care of it, with conditioning it needs combing too. After the use of conditioner wash hair with warm water and comb it. To keep it in good condition. 

Use medication to refrain from damage 

There are few tonics or medicines which restore the nutrients which are required in the scalp, many stylists or the experts and medically proven treatments give treatments and medication which helps the people to protect their scalp from damage. In the market many medicines available

Healthy eating habits which promote hair nourishments 

Individual who are having these problems are generally not aware of the eating habits, consuming healthy foodstuffs promotes healthy strands and restores the proteins in the scalp, a healthy diet is very important for the body and scalp. Eating leafy veggies helps in promoting a healthy scalp and nourish it in many ways from the tip of the strand to the scalp, many veggies like amla, furthermore there are few medicinal plants like aloe-vera which helps to get rid of dandruff from the scalp. 

Going for regular haircuts

It takes a bit time to grow in the scalp we all agree but going once in a blue moon for a cut becomes a problem because regular cut gets rid of the unwanted split ends and helps to prevent breakage. 

These are some of the best solutions to keep your hair safe and prevent it from breakage 

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