May 28, 2024

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Know what remedies you can take if you have covid-19 symptoms

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Medicines for cardiac remedy, diabetes, and irritation can worsen the condition of these infected with the brand new coronavirus. And professionals warn: before converting a medicinal drug, it is critical to seek advice from doctors. The State raised doubts based on questions sent with the aid of readers of the Estadão Informa organization: Coronavirus, an area for discussion and exchange of records about the pandemic created by using the newspaper on Facebook.

The answers are based totally on interviews with the pharmacist Ismael Rosa, academic director of the Institute of Science, Technology, and Quality (ICTQ), of professor Eliseu Waldman, an infectologist at the USP School of Public Health, and also reports made by means of the State. The group is a space for dialogue and exchange of information approximately the pandemic on the social network. Any user can sign on and publish their questions.

Are hypertensive people at hazard for coronavirus?

Yes. Hypertensive patients generally use capsules consisting of captopril, enalapril, and lisinopril, which might be inhibitors of an enzyme intently linked to virus infection. This is because of the usage of these drugs consequences within the elevation of the so-called “angiotensin-changing enzyme 2”. The equal happens with tablets that block receptors for this substance, which relieve blood pressure, consisting of losartan and valsartan. The virus needs this enzyme inside the frame to infect the frame’s tissues – especially the cardiovascular system. If the character takes these tablets, they bring about extended degrees of this enzyme. This will boom the infection in the body. Preliminary studies, still inconclusive, have detected the identical effect on the usage of ibuprofen – that is why the World Health Organization counseled against using this medicinal drug.

Should the affected person cut off the usage of these tablets?

No. No medicinal drug for hypertension, diabetes or any precise clinical condition need to be discontinued with out scientific advice. The orientation is that the affected person seeks the professional with whom he consults – in the case of hypertensive sufferers, a cardiologist – to discover if it is the case of changing the medicinal drug. Cutting the medication can cause complications, and it’s miles vital for the patient to be in solid fitness if he contracts the coronavirus, which reduces the negative impact at the clinical picture.

Are there substitutes for these treatments?

Yes, but best the cardiologist who is accompanying this patient can evaluate. It will rely upon the threat and benefit analysis for that affected person.

If you are an affected person who has not had exposure to the virus, who isn’t in a region that is endemic yet, nor has a record of travel to places where there is an epidemic, for example, the trade of medication may be allotted with.

Is it proper that the drug favipavir helps inside the treatment of coronavirus?

The results of the use of favipavir to treat covid-19 infections are preliminary. The exams were completed on patients in China and, in step with the country’s authorities, the common time of treatment with the drug was simplest 4 days. Without favipavir, other sufferers took eleven days to check negative. Still according to Chinese authorities, radiographs confirmed improvements in the circumstance of the lungs of 91% of the medicated ones, in comparison to 62% in the other institution. The drug has been at the Japanese marketplace considering the fact that 2014 underneath the call Avigan.

What medicine to have at home to treat the symptoms?

It is by no means recommended to have “pharmacies” within the domestic. The first advice is to speak to a pharmacist, who is the most accessible professional to the population. It is he who can inform if, according to the symptoms, it’s miles viable to suggest some non-prescription medicine – within the case of flu, for example -, or if there have to be any referral to the fitness service.

Do you have to be careful approximately the impact of other remedies for coronavirus?

Yes. Corticosteroids, for example, are immunosuppressive. They decrease immunity and, automatically, if a person has low immunity there are concerns associated with both covid-19 and any other virus or infection. For individuals who use this medicine, the guidance is similar to for risk groups: before changing the use of the medication, consult a doctor.

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