May 27, 2024

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IBM Watson applies AI to the language of business

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The blue giant has announced the addition of new technologies to its IBM Watson artificial intelligence platform, designed to help organizations identify, understand and analyze the most complex aspects of language. It will start with English but new languages ​​such as Spanish, French, German or Italian will be incorporated throughout this year.

This announcement marks the commercialization, for the first time, of the key Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities of Project Debater, the only artificial intelligence system capable of debating complex issues with humans. Thus, for example, it will have an advanced sentiment analysis service, which will help to identify and analyze colloquial language and its idioms for the first time. Phrases like “I’m fuming”They have always been a challenge for AI systems since they understood them literally and failed to understand their true meaning. However, thanks to new technologies incorporated into Watson’s APIs, companies can also begin to analyze these types of expressions. Additionally, IBM is implementing IBM Research technology to understand business documents, such as PDFs or contracts, to also add them to its artificial intelligence models.

“Language is both a mechanism for expressing thought and opinion, and an information tool,” said Rob Thomas, CEO of IBM Data and AI. “So we believe advances like this in Natural Language Processing will help transform the way companies use their data-encoded intellectual capital.”

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