July 15, 2024

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Your guide to good personal hygiene

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Hygiene is a topic everyone is expected to know about, yet no one talks much about it. Is there an unspoken code about personal hygiene?

Or is it a conspiracy by the makers of deodorants to keep you in the dark so you can never unravel the secret behind a clean body?

Either way, there are some factors everyone must consider and should be common knowledge.


In our daily routine, we have several chances to maintain good hygiene, and avoiding these changes can lead to poor quality of life.

Failure to abide by these cleanliness tactics can also put your body in the long-term danger of a serious illness.

UNICEF recorded that basic hygiene practices are the key areas of focus for all their sustainable development goals. It is time for you to review health and hygiene tips as well and improve your quality of life.

Body Hygiene, your savior

The most important part of your hygiene starts with every part of your body.

No, a shower does not accomplish this task adequately. Listen to what your body says and then work to provide extra care if required. For example, cleaning your feet every other day and giving them a nice scrub will keep bad heels at bay. Shampoo, conditioner, and face wash must be a regular part of your routine to stay fresh.

Men and women, let’s talk about the hygiene down there, of your private parts. Most of us received a session from our parents in teenagers when they pulled us aside and told us about shaving.

Turns out, this information is not enough to maintain the cleanliness of your body parts. Some people stink a lot when sweaty, while others do not even smell.

Your private parts require specialized care that begins with shaving and using proper undergarments. For men, a pair of cotton boxer briefs made with breathable Tencel fabric is the best choice.

Women should look for comfortable cotton underwear that avoids yeast infections and chafing. Needless to say, wash your underwear with a toxin-free detergent to keep the smell away.

Oral Hygiene, Watch your Mouth!

You must maintain your oral hygiene by practicing some simple tips every day. If you just met someone whose mouth smells like a dying rat, what would you think of them?

Don’t become that person. Everyone avoids it because of their mouth stinks. Brush your teeth after every meal or at least twice a day with an electric toothbrush or a good quality manual one.

Visiting a dentist every 2-6 months for a regular checkup is essential because you get all the tips from these experts. It also means that you must have access to dental insurance to keep up with the costs.

Flossing: we have heard that flossing every day is very important, but we do not indulge in this practice. Take this advice from us and try it, because it is worth it. Your dentist can show you how it is done, and there are hundreds of videos on the internet to help you out.

Brushing your tongue: Food buildup on our tongue also causes a bad odor and cavities. Scrub your tongue every time you brush and use a saline solution to clean the rest. You can get advice about a tongue scraper because those things work like magic! Dentists often provide coupons to buy discounted oral health equipment as well.

Sleeping Habits, Start from your Bed

People often develop Bacne because of poor sleep hygiene (yes, it is a thing). When we do not change our bed sheet for weeks, our bed becomes a playground for bacteria.

Dead skin, bacteria, and other allergens gather on the sheet and cause havoc on our skin. If you are having breakouts and getting back acne (bacne), try maintaining a clean sleeping pod for a week and notice the groundbreaking results.

Moreover, you must wash away any makeup or products on your body before you hit the sack. Our bodies are designed to heal and grow naturally overnight. When we do not brush, wash our face, or clean our bed, the gunk keeps building up until it shows on our skin.

Form solid habits

For those who never received ‘the talk’ while growing up, it is never too late. It is overwhelming to take all of this information in at once, but it will be easy if you start with one habit.

As your habits become more solid, you can incorporate more rituals into your day. Divide brushing, flossing, showering, shampooing, laundry, and all tasks based on time of the day and see how it changes your days. Be open to adjusting to a new routine and experiment every day. You can floss while showering and gargle after every meal. It is time to build a healthy hygiene regimen not only to look great but feel amazing too!

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