July 15, 2024

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15 best games for Android and iOS that may surprise you

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The world of games for smartphones is something that can help us alleviate those moments of maximum boredom. For this reason, and taking advantage of the situation in which we find ourselves, I bring a compilation of the 15 best games I found for your smartphone, if you have an Android or iOS device.

The best games for Android and iOS

Rebel Run

Rebel Racing is a racing game with very realistic graphics, lots of customization options and a good variety of cars from real manufacturers, like BMW Ford or Mercedes. With our car, we will travel the roads of North America in all types of competitions.

To deal with this, we have some pretty simple controls and very similar to other games like Asphalt: Left and right to control the car’s direction and then the turbo option to accelerate, defeating the rest of the cars and winning the race.

Rebel Race

Rebel RaceDeveloper: Hutch GamesPrice: FreeRebel RaceDeveloper: Hutch Games LtdPrice: Free

Snake Rivals

The original Snake game was released on the first Nokia phones, then slither.io redesigned it and now we have this version of Snake Rivals. A very colorful arcade game, with 3D graphics, in which our mission is to guide the snake through different scenarios while it doesn’t stop eating apples. The more apples you eat, the bigger it will be. And, as we already saw on Sliter.io, we cannot collide with another snake, because our game will end and we will have to start again.

Snake Rivals - New 3D Snake game

Snake Rivals – New 3D snake gameDeveloper: SupersólidoPrice: FreeSnake Rivals – New 3D SnakeDeveloper: Supersolid LtdPrice: Free

Dark Weapon War Games

Shadowgun War Games is an Overwatch-style game for mobile devices. A tactical FPS 5v5 team fighting game with great graphics. You can choose from 5 different heroes, each with their own role and their own skills in the game: Slade (stormtrooper), Jet (runner), Sara (support, cure), Willow (sniper) and Revenant (tank).

And switch between two game modes: Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. A great game if you like futuristic snipers.

Shadowgun War Games - The best 5c5 FPS for mobile phones

Shadowgun War Games Pistol -The Best 5v5 FPS for MobileDeveloper: MADFINGER GamesPrice: FreePistol War Games Shadowgun Mobile FPSDeveloper: MADFINGER Games, asPrice: Free


And from futuristic games, we move on to a classic. Lemmings is a strategy game that became fashionable in the 90s, where we will have to save as many Lemmings, little dwarves / goblins with suicidal tendencies, as possible.

We will have to guide them through different levels, with obstacles that we will overcome using their own skills, such as building stairs, climbing or blocking the path. All of this in order to reach the final door and save the lives of these little ones.

Lemmings - Puzzle Adventure

Lemmings – Puzzle AdventureDeveloper: Sad Puppy LimitedPrice: FreeLemmings – Puzzle AdventureDeveloper: PUPPY TRISTEPrice: Free

Bikes hill

Bikes Hill is a very simple game, in which we will try to reach the goal, covering the longest distance. To achieve this, we need to jump with our bicycle and fly through the air reaching as far as possible. In addition, we will have to collect all the coins to improve our player, so that he goes faster and thus travels more and more.

Bikes Hill

Bikes HillDeveloper: VOODOOPrice: FreeBikes HillDeveloper: VoduPrice: Free


Gris is a game that originates from a young protagonist who must embark on a solo path. As we progress through the game, we’ll see how we move from a completely monochromatic setting to a full range of colors. From there, the experience gains strength and you start to appreciate each new scenario differently from the previous ones.


GRAYDeveloper: RegressoPrice: 2.29

Failed tumbler

At Faily Tumbler, our main goal will be to guide a caveman through different scenarios. We must avoid all kinds of obstacles when rolling, flying or jumping to avoid dying. A very simple game with which to spend time, if we want a game for that, to have fun.

Failed tumbler

Failed tumblerDeveloper: Spunge Games Pty LtdPrice: FreeFailed tumblerDeveloper: Spunge Games Pty LtdPrice: Free

Bright Memory Mobile

Bright Memory is a first-person shooter set in a futuristic world, in which we control a space agent who has arrived in a completely unknown place. As we progress in a world with very realistic scenarios, we will have to kill all kinds of monsters by shooting, jumping or using our special abilities.

A game with a very nice visual section and also featuring a female character, something that we don’t usually see much in this type of game.

Bright Memory Mobile

Bright Memory MobileDeveloper: FYQD StudioPrice: € 2.19Bright Memory MobileDeveloper: Xiancheng ZengPrice: 4.99


Sky is a game that impacts from the first moment for its aesthetics and sound. The design of the settings and the characters, and all the details surrounding it, are at a great level.

The mission is to return the fallen stars to their constellations. To do this, you will have to travel through seven kingdoms and overcome several puzzles to reach it. In addition, you can do this individually or with the help of other players.

Sky: Niños de la Luz

Heaven: Sons of LightDeveloper: thatgamecompany incPrice: FreeHeaven: Sons of LightDeveloper: thatgamecompanyPrice: Free

Spies in disguise

Spies in Disguise is a platform game based on the movie “Spies in Disguise”. A game like “Subway surfers”, in which we can choose a character, each with their own skills, with which we will collect coins.

This game has two modes: pedestrian race and city car race. Although, the truth is that both modes consist of the same thing: running to collect coins at full speed and, of course, dodging all the obstacles we encounter.

Spies in disguise: runaway agents

Spies in disguise: runaway agentsDeveloper: Denali Games LLCPrice: FreeSpies in disguiseDeveloper: Denali Games LLCPrice: Free

Grand Mountain Adventure

Grand Mountain Adventure is a ski simulator for our phones, but taken to another level. In this simulator with very realistic graphics, we can go through the alpine complexes and participate in different tests. As we pass these tests, we will obtain passes to use the elevators and be able to ski through new mountains. If what you want is to have fun skiing without leaving the house, this game is useful for you now.

Grand Mountain Adventure: snowboard debut

Grand Mountain Adventure: snowboard debutDeveloper: Toppluva ABPrice: FreeGrand Mountain AdventureDeveloper: Toppluva ABPrice: Free

Penguin Island

Penguin Island is a simulator in which you will have to create an entire penguin civilization. You can generate new penguins, buildings, improve them and increase your level. In addition, you must overcome the challenges to quickly improve and take your penguin civilization to the highest level.

Isla Pingüino

Penguin IslandDeveloper: HabbyPrice: FreePenguin IslandDeveloper: HABBYPrice: Free

Slap Kings

The next game is Slap Kings, a very simple game, in which there is only one goal: to slap. Yes, like the giant Russian competitions that we can see on the internet. We must try to take down our opponent with an open hand before he does the same to us.

You will see a moving indicator on the head with an arrow with which you will have to get as close as possible to the green mark. That way, you can deliver an extremely strong blow and empty his life bar before he does that to yours.

Slap Kings

Slap KingsDeveloper: Lion StudiosPrice: FreeSlap KingsDeveloper: Lion StudiosPrice: Free

Become Trickster

If you like parkour Flip Trickster, you’ll love it. In this game, we will have to do somersaults through different scenarios to complete the challenges. We can do tricks like a backflip or a frontflip with a double jump, a triple jump or fall into places outside the scoring target.

Flip Trickster - Parkour Simulator

Flip Trickster – Parkour SimulatorDeveloper: Lion StudiosPrice: FreeBecome TricksterDeveloper: Lion StudiosPrice: Free

Zombie Blast Crew

In Zombie Blast Crew, we are part of a band that aims to recover the cities from a post-apocalyptic era, killing all the zombies that pass by. As members of the Zombie Blast Crew, we have many goals to fulfill: some suitable for an explorer, others suitable for a hunter and others suitable for a warrior. It’s time to arm yourself, explore the streets and eliminate everything that glows green.

Zombie Blast Crew

Zombie Blast CrewDeveloper: Vivid Games SAPrice: FreeZombie Blast CrewDeveloper: Vivid Games SAPrice: Free

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