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Best torrent sites working in March 2020

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Finding a site with stable, reliable and around-the-clock access can be quite problematic for fans of torrent downloads. And this is not surprising, due to the massive attacks that torrent sites are subjected to by governments around the world.

What to do when the almighty Pirate Bay does not work? Do not worry! There are alternatives to this site. There are many other torrent sites on the Internet, and this is your best guide to them.

Before moving on to using torrents, it is worth noting that there is a risk both when gaining access to a torrent site and when downloading files from this service . These risks range from advertising, viruses, and malware to notifications of copyright infringement from your Internet service provider and government fines.

There are several ways to protect yourself , but if you use an ad blocker, a good antivirus and a reliable VPN , then you have nothing to worry about.

You have a wide selection of programs for each of these tasks, but we have found that ExpressVPN , NordVPN or CyberGhost VPN is a great starting point.

Download torrents safely with ExpressVPN

A brief description of the 12 best torrent sites:

  • 01 The Pirate Bay (TPB) – The Ultimate King Among Torrents
  • 02 Kickass Torrents – Great selection of both new and old TV shows and movies
  • 03 RARBG – Great reference for quick torrent checking
  • 04 YIFY Movies – High Quality Movies
  • 05 EZTV – Fastest TV show download speed
  • 06 1337x – Easy to use
  • 07 ISOHunt – Great selection of torrents
  • 08 Lime Torrents – Neat interface and a minimum of advertising
  • 09 Torrentz2 – Incredibly Fast Torrent Search Engine
  • 10 TorLock – Reliable Search Engine and Directory
  • 11 Zooqle – Movies and TV shows in any resolution
  • 12 Torrentseeker – Another Reliable Search Engine

1 The Pirate Bay (TPB) – Absolute King among torrents

The pirate bay torrents
  • The most reliable and complete library of torrent files
  • The largest community providing the fastest download speed
  • Top 100 lists for all types of media files

This is the most proven and reliable site of all. It has an extensive library of all kinds of media files and, despite the fact that since its creation in 2003, they tried to close it more than once, it still remains the first site that comes to mind when searching for torrents.

Its torrent files are usually very reliable and well-sorted, but they are littered with advertising, so an ad blocker is a must. In general, this is by far the most reliable, complete and secure torrent site on the Internet. One of its most useful features is the search box, which automatically displays torrents with the largest number of distributors at the top of all results on the search page. This allows you to easily find more reliable, popular and quickly downloaded torrent files on the site.

Unfortunately, sometimes there are problems accessing this site through its standard URL, but Google has many proxy sites that work well. The usual site address is thepiratebay.org

2 Kickass Torrents – Great selection of both new and old TV shows and movies

Kickass torrents alternative
  • Easy to use interface
  • Large community of distributors, second largest after TPB

Unfortunately, the original Kickass Torrent site no longer exists after the US government closed it in 2016, but the service itself was restored.

Kickass, as you know, changes domains with a frequency of six months , and has been removed from Google lists , Twitter and Steam posts. Fortunately for us, it has since been copied and now exists as kickasstorrents.cr .

If you go to the site, you will see that its advantages are minimal and often missing ads, an extensive library of torrent files and very fast download times.

3 RARBG – Great reference for quick torrent checking

RARBG torrent
  • Fast loading times
  • Minimum advertising
  • 5 star rating system and links to similar torrent files

RARBG is another major player in the world of torrents . The site has a fairly simple user interface, an extensive library of torrents and reliable information about each torrent, which simplifies the verification of files before downloading.

Films often contain screenshots and a poster on the page, and not in separate links to other sites. Music files contain the cover of the music album, and programs contain the image of the software box in both pop-up windows when you hover over the mouse.

RARBG is one of the few large data warehouses that have their own tracker server, which many have now abandoned in favor of magnet links.

4 YIFY Movies – High Quality Movies

YIFY torrent movies
  • The best movie quality you can find
  • Simple interface like Netflix
  • Crowded with malicious ads and suspicious links. Be careful.

YIFY is widely known on the Internet for providing the fastest, high-quality and complete library of videos not only on the YIFY website itself, but also on many other large torrent sites such as The Pirate Bay.

Although the original YIFY website has long been closed, in its place there are many imitators who want to take advantage of the YIFY reputation, which has long been associated with quality. The current site is yts am yts gd is filled with spam, which most popular ad blockers are not yet able to detect. Use this site with caution.

Yts gd has an interface that emulates many streaming online services, with an attractive design, trailers on the page, offers of similar films, as well as details about the cast and a brief description of the plot.

However, this means that technical information that could help check torrents before downloading will not be as accessible as, for example, siders and leechers, along with a non-existent comment section.

Be careful when you click the mouse and what you give permission in the browser.

5 EZTV – Fastest TV show download speed

  • Simple interface without ads
  • There is no way to download whole seasons, only episodes
  • Fewer distributors due to the fast download speed and the ability to download only one series at a time

EZTV has become one of the main sites they go to in search of various TV shows. Also quite unusual was his decision to become a non-profit organization in order to avoid any legal proceedings involving piracy charges.

Unfortunately, this strategy did not protect EZTV, and after many legal problems, its original domain was taken over by scammers. It is also no longer visible in Google search results.

If you manage to log on to EZTV, then you can enjoy one of the most complete and modern libraries of torrent files today without any advertising, where most shows are available in several different resolutions.

Unfortunately, this means that the site has very few old shows, as most users prefer newer shows.

6 1337x – Easy to use

  • Very popular torrent site
  • Attractive interface compared to other sites
  • Convenient torrent directories for quick viewing

This site has a nice user interface, comprehensive torrent information, and well- structured media sections that make it easy to find the file you need. Although you can’t find the files you need right away in one click from the main page, having searched a bit, you can easily find the suitable options.

1337x is the third most popular torrent site in the world, so you can be sure that you will find almost all types of media files there.

1337x also has a section with film libraries th , which collected all available torrent files for each movie in a single column.

7 ISOHunt – Great selection of torrents

Isohunt top torrent site
  • Strongly recommends using a VPN
  • No automatic sorting by number of distributors
  • Limited information regarding torrent files

Despite its name, ISOHunt offers not only copies of discs, but also movies, games, music and TV shows. After the original ISOHunt was closed in 2013, many clones of this site appeared. However, it is known that not one of these clone sites is under the direction of the creators of the original site.

The site has a homepage focused on wider file coverage, which contains lists of popularity. However, the lists themselves are not very popular among users.

Several similar sites can now be accessed through isohunt.tv or isohunts.to

8 Lime Torrents – Neat interface and a minimum of advertising

  • Quick interface
  • Only the most necessary information
  • Strong recommendations to use VPN

Lime torrents are a great alternative to RARBG , with a very similar user interface and identical speed, but with fewer pop-ups and graphics. The site has an extensive list of trackers, available on the page of each torrent. Also at your disposal are catalogs of the most popular and new torrents.

There is no advertising on the site , but there are strong recommendations for using a VPN , and there are reasons for this.

9 Torrentz2 – Incredibly Fast Torrent Search Engine

Torrentz2 torrenting website
  • A quick way to find sites with hidden torrent files
  • Simple links to 60 million files
  • Have we already talked about SPEED ?!

Torrentz2 is a simple no-frills torrent search engine that consists of just the home page and search box. It simply checks all the torrent sites in its database for a given keyword and shows all kinds of sites that have this file.

Then you simply go to the site with this torrent file or directly download it through a magnet link.

Despite the fact that Torrentz is just a search engine that actually does not provide its own links to files protected by copyright, it still ran into a lot of legal problems and was closed. It is known that the site in its current incarnation – Torrentz2.eu, indexes more than 60 million torrent files on the Internet.

10 TorLock – Reliable Search Engine and Directory

  • Uses competitor sites to search torrent files
  • A large number of distributors
  • Strong recommendations to use VPN

This is another simple site for downloading torrent files from all over the Internet. The site uses a bot to check and add files.

Their site is not as convenient as it could be, and download links are often redirected to other places, moreover, they are difficult to find. Nevertheless, the site still boasts an impressive list of files, including movies, music, programs and TV shows.

11 Zooqle – Movies and TV shows in any resolution

  • Torrent files are checked before adding to lists
  • No ads, no pop-ups
  • Compliant with DCMA

Zooqle is an indexing site that focuses on movies and TV shows, and also offers a host of other types of media files, including games, programs, and e-books. The site is well structured in the form of a gallery, which allows you to choose from many files with different resolutions. It also shows information about the torrent file on the site even before you click download.

The site claims that it does not contain copyright infringing files, and perhaps that is why it managed to protect its domain from deleting torrent files at the request of copyright owners.

12 Torrentseeker – Another Reliable Search Engine

  • Search engine covering a large number of sites
  • The design of the search box and results page in the style of Google.
  • Minimum technical information

Torrentseeker is another simple torrent file search engine that claims to cover a huge number of sources, including little-known and language sites. This means that this site, similar to Google, can save you a lot of time to find the file you need.

Unfortunately, the search results do not provide technical information other than the name of the file and the site on which it is located. Therefore, it will not be useful for you in finding distributors.

How to use torrent programs

Finding a good torrent site is only half the battle, you also need to download a torrent client . This is a program for your computer that establishes a connection and exchanges files that you download with anyone who wants to download them or has already downloaded them.

There are many customer options. Many of them overwhelm you with advertising and push you to buy pro-versions or paid features. We advise you on qBittorrent . It is free, without ads and has all the necessary features.

As a rule, the client works immediately after installation, and you do not need to change any settings. Now you simply go to the torrent site of your choice and click on the magnet link or download the torrent file of your choice. Your torrent client should automatically notice this and start the download after confirmation in the dialog box.

The file will soon be downloaded to your computer, but the speed will depend on the popularity of the torrent file, its size and the quality of your Internet connection. It is recommended to check all downloaded files for viruses before opening. That’s all, use with pleasure!

How secure are torrent sites?

Since torrents are a single-level network, no one gives you guarantees of complete security, regardless of which site you visit. Due to the closure of many torrent sites and the emergence of a huge number of fake sites or clones, there is a high probability of getting into trouble.

Just remember that prudence (combined with a reliable VPN ) is your best defense. If the link redirects you to where you did not expect to go or you feel that something is wrong, then most likely it is.

Make sure that you scan the downloaded files with antivirus before opening and that all your traffic goes through a reliable VPN that will not give out your data for easy money.

Download torrent files anonymously with these three VPNs

Not all VPNs provide protection when using torrents, so it is recommended to test free trial versions before paying for the service. The availability of this feature usually depends on the country in which the VPN is registered.

Fortunately, there are still VPNs that provide protection for torrent use. Below you will find three such VPNs:

1 NordVPN – Strict policy of no activity logs ensures your anonymity

NordVPN Downloading Torrent

With over 4,600 servers located around the world, NordVPN has secured its status as one of the best VPNs in the world. The system will detect when you download the torrent , and will offer you to use one of the specialized P2P servers .

NordVPN, available on a large number of devices and equipped with military- grade encryption protocols, does not keep activity logs, so users can protect their data by connecting to the service in any way convenient for them. NordVPN boasts high download speeds and unlimited channel bandwidth. The service also includes DNS leakage protection and an emergency switch.

Use torrent anonymously thanks to NordVPN

2 ExpressVPN – Incredibly Fast Download Speed

torrenting with ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN users can access the software of this service using a number of different platforms. Although this service does not have a specialized server for downloading torrent files, like NordVPN, you can still use any of more than 2000 servers when downloading files.

ExpressVPN will provide you security with 256-bit AES encryption no activity logs, DNS leak protection and network blocking emergency stop ) . ExpressVPN boasts thousands of servers with fast download speeds and unlimited channel bandwidth.

Download fast with ExpressVPN!

3 CyberGhost VPN – Servers configured to work with torrents

CyberGhost VPN can suit you perfectly with its superior military grade encryption and unlimited bandwidth. To increase your security, the service provides protection against DNS leaks, and more recently, an emergency switch. More than 2700 servers of this VPN are located in approximately 60 countries, which means that you can use them whenever you want.

CyberGhost has various profiles that are designed for specific actions on the network. You can choose a profile for anonymous use of a torrent to strengthen your protection before clicking on magnet links.

Use Torrent Safely with CyberGhost!


Using torrent sites can be dangerous, but it’s the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to share files on the Internet.

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