May 27, 2024

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9 best lifestyle apps that don’t let boredom touch you

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The rise of mobile application development has had a profound impact on our daily lives.

The innovation and technological advancements have permeated deep into how an average person spends his day, shaping his health, mindset, life organization, shopping preferences, and even relationships. Emarketer’s data reveals that 90% of internet usage time on mobile phones is spent on apps.

It’s a trending cliche’ that there is an app for everything nowadays. Whether you wish to track your health and diet with a single touch, or you are looking for quick ideas and inspiration regarding any subcategory in lifestyle, an app is there to help you.

Lifestyle apps have been making our lives easier by giving us tons of ideas and options. Several apps help us get things done quickly without even leaving our couch. You can literally shop around the world, book flights and hotels, or make an appointment with your doctor, and a lot more by using these apps.

Not only are these applications your personal lifestyle advisor, but many of them also help with subsiding boredom effectively. You can browse several highly interesting social, shopping, gaming, and informative apps to spend your leisure time.

Here is a list of some amazing lifestyle apps we recommend you to download right away.

  1. FitTrack Pro

As proven by research conducted in 2016, mobile apps that promote healthy lifestyle help prevent obesity in adolescents and students. 

FitTrack Pro is one of the best health monitoring app for sure. You can keep your health in check by getting insights about your weight, BMI, hydration level, muscle and protein mass, and several other fitness indicators. These insights will prove to be a motivational factor for you to stay fit and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

The best feature about FitTrack is that it adapts to a person’s unique lifestyle, such as an athlete mode, pregnancy mode, and baby mode, along with the standard mode. You can register up to 8 family members on the app to get a personalized health record of each of your loved ones.

  1. My Closet

Organizing the wardrobe is a tedious task that takes a lot of time and effort. Even if you can do it once in a blue moon, you don’t want it to be messed up ever again. My Closet app is your savior by helping your wardrobe be kept neatly organized.

The app lets you store images of every piece in your closet, be it your versatile staples, accessories, footwear, or everyday clothing. The app will give you outfit ideas according to the weather and occasion.

You will have way less struggle in sorting the outfit of the day by using the amazing My Closet app. Plus, as you don’t have to pull out each piece from your wardrobe to decide what to wear, it will stay organized for a longer time.

  1. House Flipper

Playing games on the phone is a must for most of us. We enjoy our free time competing with friends in multiplayer games and have fun playing creative and satisfying games such as Minecraft.

Talking about satisfying games, one that has made to this list is the House Flipper. If you have a knack for renovation and interior designing, this game will give you hours of fun while giving you unique ideas that you can practically use in your own home as well.

The game is surely addictive due to its compelling graphics and intuitive gameplay. You will renovate, decorate, and sell virtual houses and gain rewards to progress in the game.

  1. Elevate

A highly effective mind training app for personal development is the Elevate app. The app consists of games and exercises that improve your cognitive skills and boost productivity. Satisfying reviews from the users are enough to show how useful Elevate has been for them.

People looking for personality development wish to gain prowess in their memory, processing, and analytical skills. They are also looking for an improvement in their focus and attention.

The games provided by elevating challenge the brain in such a way that these skills are developed in the person who regularly plays. It means that your personality will be trained effectively while having fun.

  1. Learn 50 Languages

Learning a new language is fun. It gives you access to the cultural diversity around the world and allows you to read classic literature and history written in other languages. If you are interested in learning foreign languages, Learn 50 Languages is your go-to app for it.

You will have well-structured lessons and an option to learn with the help of your native language. You can also download the audio files and listen to them while you are on the commute, during breaks, or even while waiting at the stop.

To gain fluency in the language which you are learning, you can use global communication apps like the airG scam free app. You can talk to members from diverse backgrounds and polish your communication skills in the new language.

  1. Flipboard

Get your hands on informative and latest content from around the world with the Flipboard app.

The app has inbuilt algorithms that customize the content that you wish to read. You can read the news, reviews, informative articles, and entertaining stories in your leisure time. Flipboard will never let you feel bored!

  1. Daylio

What could be a better way to have a sorted life than journaling? It is good for your physical and mental health as it helps you keep a log and vent out simultaneously. The Daylio app lets you turn in everything that you usually write in a daily diary.

This easy to use app will release all your stress besides allowing you to develop self-care and mindfulness.

  1. Super Food; Healthy Recipes

Hopping on to the healthy lifestyle bandwagon, you will need a lot of healthy recipes using your regional ingredients to have an enjoyable meal time every day. Don’t worry; we will suggest one of the best apps around that has tons of super healthy recipes for you. It is the Super Food app!

This app will be very useful for you, in the long run, to avoid health deterioration due to an unhealthy diet. You can input your regional ingredients in the grocery list section and get access to several tasty and healthy recipes for free.

  1. Crumblyy Life Hacks

We all need quick hacks for our life problems. Whether you broke a doorknob, need a quick fix meal recipe, or spoiled your new shirt with a stubborn stain, hacks from the internet become our savior.

Crumblyy app has a collection of life hacks to solve almost every issue you are facing. It provides quick solutions to ease problems in your everyday life by sorting them out into 15 categories. There are hacks for parenting, relationships, technology, budgeting, health, survival, study, and several other categories.

A useful feature of this app is that it shows personalized content so that you don’t have to look for the required hack for long.


Summing up

I can bet that the apps mentioned above will prove to be tremendously helpful, informative, and entertaining for you. You will keep coming back to them whenever the need arises or boredom strikes. Not only these apps are your indispensable assistant to have an organized lifestyle, but they are also highly rated by the users due to their well-developed interface and ease of use



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