April 25, 2024

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Mandatory Features to Consider in Your Next App in 2021

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The year 2020 almost comes to an end, but it has explained to business owners and emerging entrepreneurs how important it is to have digital solutions for their business. It is the only way to connect with customers and keep their business afloat in the market. The pandemic has made it necessary for businesses to go from offline to online. 

From utility apps to eCommerce apps to food and grocery apps, we have experienced significant growth in the market. Pandemic has created several opportunities for startups to enter the eLearning business, food delivery sector, eCommerce, and other industries that can be run and managed through mobile applications. 


This figure displays consumers’ spending on the app and how their behavior has been changing since the pandemic hit the retail market. Whether you are owning a small, medium, or a large business, having a digital presence is important these days. Therefore, if you are one of those entrepreneurs who want to develop an app for their business, you should not overlook several important features. 

Having an app for any business is important. Over the years, mobile apps have evolved due to advancements in technology and customer’s preferences. Many trends during 2020 affected the landscape of the mobile app industry; let’s cut the crap and discuss the mandatory features you need to integrate in 2021 before you develop an app for your business. 

The New Normal in 2021: Key Features to Integrate

2020 has reshaped our daily life- work from home to social distancing to digital connection to orders, even groceries online, it seems everything has been changing, and we have to deal with the new norm. On the other hand, business owners have realized the potential of digital solutions and finding creative ways to connect with their audience. 

Today, it seems like the world runs on apps. If something that people can interact with, the app is the only way. Well, entrepreneurs have realized that and are developing apps to meet their consumers’ needs. 

Before you start developing the app, you need to research your audience, what they want because if you don’t meet their needs, you could lose significant business. There are certain features that are must-haves and make your app really stand out in the market.

Mandatory mobile app features include:  

Trouble-free Registration Process 

Today, consumers are always in a hurry, and most of the users don’t like the long and troublesome sign-up process, and some apps ask for a lot of information for the registration process. Well, this kind of app frustrates users, and they will end up using your competitor’s app. Therefore, the whole process of registration and checkout should be simple and appealing. 

“According to the study conducted by eMarketer, around 14% of smartphone users have confirmed that they uninstall apps because they find it complicated while registering.”

Streamline the process of registering into your app by enabling social media logins, allowing customers to use their social media profiles. Easy access translates to increased conversion rates and sales altogether. Instead of lengthy forms, social media and email login options users find easy. Any features that make the registration process lengthy try to avoid. 

Multiple Payment Options for Contactless Transactions

To prevent virus spread, almost 80% of people use digital payment options. This feature should not be overlooked, especially when you are engaged with the restaurant and travel industry. More and more food industry owners are implementing multiple payment options in their online ordering and delivery system for restaurants as it reduces virus spread. 

You should implement all types of payment modes such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, e-wallet, credit/debit card, etc. These are the popular payment modes used by people across the globe. 

In the above graphic, you can see the popularity of card payments growing, and the usage of contactless payments increased during the current year.

Several eCommerce and cosmetic apps also support multiple international currencies such as INR, USD, EURO, AED, etc., to target global customers. If you want to offer an enhanced customer experience, you need to offer multiple payment options with a safe, secure, and swift checkout process. 

Push Notifications

As we have discussed earlier, 2020 was the year where more and more people have changed their shopping and buying preferences. From paying utility bills to ordering food and groceries to call a handyman- everything is performed via the app. Therefore, it is necessary for you to keep users engaged with your app, and push notification is one of the ways that help you stay connected with your potential customers. 

We all have heard the well-known proverb, “Always hit the iron when it’s too hot.”

Brands need to understand the real meaning behind this scenario. Push notifications play an important role in keeping users engaged with the brand, even when their phone is locked. You might be unaware of the below statistics related to the push notification feature, 


  • The response time of push notifications is three times higher than emails.
  • More than 71% of people found push notifications exciting and relevant. 

Push notifications are the best ways to acknowledge the customers about hot deals, offers, news, and much more. You can also send notifications to customers who are accessing your app right now. It will increase the chances of conversion and boost sales.

Real-time Tracking

eCommerce and online delivery businesses are booming; more and more customers are ordering things online as it saves time and offers comfort. Moreover, looking at the current situation, we can say that it saves them from virus spread. Any application is incomplete without a real-time order tracking feature. 

Users should be able to check their order in real-time using a GPS tracking facility; it will increase the brand’s productivity and foster customer loyalty. 

Imagine this picture,

You have ordered a meal from a restaurant, it’s been an hour, and your meal has not arrived yet. Without a tracking feature, the user gets frustrated, which will cost you more as they will not place an order next time from your app. To ensure a better customer experience, you should include a real-time tracking feature in your app as it enables customers to know about the status of their product in real-time. 

Other Mandatory Features

Above are the most important features you should incorporate in your app. Apart from that, there are many other features you should consider while creating an app, such as,


  • Personalization
  • Advanced search option
  • Loyalty programs
  • Ratings and reviews 
  • Order history 

Overall, making the process and workflow of your app user-friendly for the customers so that they can easily access it and enjoy services without getting frustrated. 

Final Thoughts 

Above are the crucial features to integrate when you are developing an app in the year 2021. When it comes to choosing features, make sure it matches your customer’s preferences and business goals. Your app ought to reflect these powerful features that make the overall customer journey seamless and enjoyable without any friction.

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